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Faculty of Contemporary Japanese Society

Training human resources who can draw on diverse perspectives to develop plans for solutions to issues facing contemporary Japan
Faculty of Contemporary Japanese Society
Contemporary Japan faces various problems and issues, and the Department of Contemporary Japanese Society refines the skills needed to solve them by combining diverse perspectives, interpretations, and methods. Students internalize these skills by discerning among the things that ought to, can be, do not, and must not change. It is important to protect the things that must not change and it is necessary to take bold steps to change the things that ought to be changed. In this department, we have courses such as “The Japanese Nation” and “The Lives of Great Japanese” to give students an understanding of the essential aspects of Japan that do not change. Courses where students learn methods for changing things that ought to be changed include “Innovation” and “Public Policy.” In addition, with the aim of tackling many of the problems that contemporary Japan faces, we nurture in students the ability to develop original plans that draw on diverse viewpoints from the four fields of “Politics and Economics,” “Local Communities,” “Social Welfare,” and “Traditional Culture.”
◆ Politics and Economics ◆ Field of Regional Communities 
◆ Field of Social Welfare ◆ Field of Traditional Culture

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