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Kogakkan University Campus Map

campus map   Kogakkan University is located on Mt. Kurata near Ise Jingu. Students here can study on a beautiful, green campus steeped in Japan's unique culture and traditions. The university has facitilies designed to support the research, study, and other activities of its students. Besides several classroom and research buildings, the university library contains a large collection of books (English and Japanese), the Memorial Hall hosts events and concerts, the gymnasium has a training room as well as space for martial arts, a Shinto museum on campus has several displays (with English explanations), there are three more museums across the street, and the Ise Jingu Library is on the edge of campus. We believe that the university is an ideal environment for students to learn and experience Japanese culture and history.
Training Room
Training Room
Dojo (training hall) in the gymnasium
in the gymnasium
Main Arena
Main Arena
Memorial Hall
Memorial Hall
Building No. 6, 7, and 8
Building 6(Classrooms)
Sofu House
Sofu House
University Library
The University Library
Sagawa Memorial Museum of Shinto and Japanese Culture
The Sagawa Memorial Museum of
Shinto and Japanese Culture
Bldg. No. 4
Bldg 4(Classrooms)
Bldg. No. 5
Bldg 5(Classrooms)
Bldg. No. 9 and Grass Park
Bldg 9(Research Rooms)
Memorial Lecture Hall (University Administration)
The Memorial Lecture Hall and University Administrative Office
Soryou Hall
Soryo Hall
Student Dormitory (Female dorm.)
Student Dormitories
Track and Field Ground
The Track and Field Ground

Entrance Examination
Entrance Examination
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