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International Exchange

International Exchange

The International Exchange Section is in "Momofune" on the first floor of the building No. 9. The major services of this section include support for overseas study programs with the goal of cultivating individuals with global competence and provisions for related information, and support for students from abroad. In addition, this section provides various reference materials regarding personal overseas study programs and a wide variety of information associated with international exchanges. Currently, tens of students from abroad belong to this section. If you have a desire to make friends with students from abroad or to learn language or culture from them, please feel free to visit the International Exchange Section.
 The International Exchange Section offers the following services regarding students:

■ Overseas Study (training) programs held by the university

  • ・ Orientation/training sessions for overseas study programs
  • ・ Support for overseas studies and assistance for preparation
  • ・ Providing reference materials regarding overseas universities including sister schools

■ Reception of students from abroad and support for their life

  • ・ Visa application support and other activities done out of the resident status
  • ・ Introduction of various support and assistance systems for students abroad, along with consultation services about life in Japan
  • ・ Providing a variety of information and reference materials for students from abroad

■ Introduction of international exchange events and support systems/programs

  • ・ Those planned by the International Exchange Committee of our university
  • ・ Those sponsored by the national government, municipalities, or civilian organizations

■ Information about exchanges between students from abroad and Japanese students

Short-term study abroad programs offered by our university

* Short-term study program in Britain
  1. Destination: The University of Kent (Canterbury, Britain)
  2. Period: About four weeks in August every year
  3. Cost: Approx. 530,000 yen
* Short-term study program in China
  1. Destination: Nankai University (Tianjin, China)
  2. Period: About four weeks during the summer or the spring
  3. Cost: Approx. 250,000 yen
* Students attending any of these programs are given two credits. International Exchange Section of the Student Support Division (in Momofune on the 1st floor of the building No. 9)
1704 Kodakushimoto-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture 516-8555
E-mail:   FAX: +81 596-22-8634
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