Kogakkan University

Look to the Old to Understand the New

President, KAWANO Satoshi
 Kogakkan is located within a lushly green, natural environment near the sacred shrine precincts of Ise Jingu. Since 1882, the spirit of Shinto has formed its foundation and the school has sought to become a center of scholarship and education where Japanʼs dignity and identity are developed through investigation of the scholarly legacy in which the nation’s history and traditions are rooted.
 In this chaotic and rapidly changing contemporary world, we are appealing to unchanging universal values that transcend time periods. We are also cultivating love of family, local regions, and the nation along with a sense of reverence for nature and life. In addition, by drawing from the fields of history, literature, language, religion, ethics, education, and social welfare, we are clarifying what Japanese spiritual culture means. Striving to accomplish these objectives, we are nurturing capable individuals who will be respected even on the international stage. Moreover, our educational programs are working to develop students who will play a central role in local communities as leaders of regional revitalization. As we move into the future, we plan to continue learning from the collective wisdom of our ancestors, and with pride as Japanese, produce capable graduates. By pursuing continual improvement in education and research, we will endeavor to live up to the trust society has placed in us.
Entrance Examination
Entrance Examination
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