Various Centers and Institutions

Office for Community Cooperation

Everyone exists with the local community - The Okage Campus of Kogakkan University -

 The purpose of this office is to actively share the achievements of our educational research with the local communities in order to promote contributions to and cooperation with the region.
 This office plays the role as the liaison of this university regarding cooperation with surrounding regions. At the same time it accumulates the practical knowledge with regard to regional cooperation and gives shape to cooperative activities.
 In order to promote social cooperation, which is the third mission of universities in addition to education and research, this office strives to share the accomplishments of our education and research in wide cooperation with industries, regions, and municipalities.
(Cooperation items)
(1) Organizational planning of regional cooperation and local contribution activities
(2) General reception and adjustment of regional cooperation and regional contribution activities
(3) Assistance with regional cooperation and regional contribution activities
(4) Understanding and analysis of regional needs
(5) Relearning for business people
(6) Lifelong learning by various open seminars
(7) Other items necessary for our achieving goals

Cooperation arrangements with municipalities

 Having the purpose of enhancing functions interactively in the fields of culture, education, and research, this university develops active cooperation with the goal of regional activation as well as the cultivation of human resources.
Ise City Nabari City
Mie Kumano-gaku Kenkyuukai
(Mie Kumano Study Society)
Mie Prefectural Museum
Mie Council of Social Welfare Meiwa Cho
Mie Kodomo Wakamono Ikusei Zaidan
(Public foundation for children and youth)
Mie Bank and Miegin Institute of Research. Ltd
Hyakugo Bank and Hyakugo Economic Research Institute Co., Ltd. Mie Agriculture College
Daisan Bank The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games
Ise Red Cross Hospital Mie Prefecture Cultural Promotion Agency Foundation
Mie Prefectural Board of Education Ise Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Tanaka Hospital Toba City

Open seminars LINK

 Aiming to contribute to local communities and to be an open university, we make the accomplishments of our education and research widely known to the public. Monthly Culture Course, one of our featured courses, have been done more than 400 times since 1962. Other lifelong learning courses, include Joint Course, Special Course, Ancient Document Course, and Furusato (hometown) Course. Thus we plan and hold many open courses every year.

Teacher's license renewal class LINK

 In order to carry out the mission as a university that approves teacher's license, we run a course for in-service teachers. This course is in accordance with the curriculum certified by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and consistent with the related law. A certificate of the completion of this course is necessary for renewing a teacher's license. The certificate is issued based on the specified evaluation standards.

Lecture Class for the Certification of Shinto Priest's Rank (Shinto Priest Training Course) LINK

 This lecture class is a workshop where Shinto priest successors under the management of the Association of Shinto Shrines (In principle, only those who need to get a certification urgently in order to inherit their work as a priest or hereditary occupation are accepted to take this course) can obtain their priest rank in a short period of time. This course is held twice a year during the summer vacation and the spring vacation specified by our university.

A child-support program by students LINK

 Targeted at prekindergarten children and their parents, this university holds a child-support program called "Piyopiyo". The purpose of this program is to provide parents with a good opportunity to exchange ideas with each other.

Volunteer Activities

 To enhance exchanges with local governments, various NPOs and NGOs, this university tries to promote a wide variety of volunteer activities, both inside and outside the campus.

Use of University Facilities

 The facilities of Kogakkan University are offered for people outside the campus for a fee, within a range that it will not obstruct classes, events, and other extracurricular activities of this university. Please contact us for detailed information regarding this matter.
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