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Learn wisdom of forerunners to meet issues of this modern society

President, Isamu Shimizu
 Since the founding of our university in 1882, Kogakkan University has inherited the spirit of Shinto that underlies our university's philosophy in a consistent fashion, and practiced our philosophy through various academic studies. In addition, from an educational perspective, the goal of our university is to foster individuals having deep knowledge about Japan with dignity and identity as Japanese, while making contributions to development of a modern society. We marked the 130th anniversary of the founding of our university and the 50th anniversary of reopening last year. Recognizing the roots of our university, we strive to expand equipment and environments for our educational research facilities, along with the enhancement of academic research systems. We are improving education toward the development of human resources that can meet social innovations in a new era.
 Currently, Japan is facing many issues including globalization, declining birth rate and population ageing, and shallow interpersonal relationships. Under these circumstances, universities are now being questioned regarding what role they should play when facing such issues. Our university, with three schools including six departments in the field of cultural and social sciences, wants to contribute to pursue and restore Japanese human wisdom underlying the aforementioned social issues.
 Based on the academic tradition of "Keiko Shokon," which means to learn the past in order to create the future, our university makes social contributions to take advantage of our local communities, formulates spiritually-affluent human relationships, and produces valuable educators and childcarers for the next generation. Our goals include preserving, inheriting, and developing traditions and cultures. Aiming toward the development of human resources that transmit messages to the world, we strive to improve our education that cultivates advanced capabilities to meet the issues that Japan faces today as well as a strong and rich mentality among our students.

Entrance Examination
Entrance Examination
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