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University Library

A Collection of about 330,000 Books and Video Materials

University Library
Kogakkan University Library, based on our school philosophy, stores about 350,000 books related to each academic area of expertise and the field of general cultural science including Shinto studies together with characteristic classical books and precious documents. Among them are literary works and letters written by Motoori Norinaga, a scholar of the Japanese classics born in Mie. In addition, all the departments and research institutions have reference materials regarding their own academic fields. All of these library materials are electronically cataloged for the ease of searching.
This library has 438 seats including carrels in the stack room. Students of our university use this library in their own ways in its airy space and calm atmosphere, to prepare or review their classes, to do research on a wide variety of materials, and to just read books. Almost 80% of the books stored in this library are open; therefore, students can pick any book so as to utilize them for preparing for their reports and academic papers. This library also provides an ordering service for students to obtain documents and materials which are not in this university from other universities or the National Diet Library. Thus, this library plays an important role as a base for academics and information.

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